Saturday, July 23, 2011


salam bloggie ..
this morning i made another attempt of watching malay drama ...and AGAIN!!! hahahaha why la the plot is so damn slow meh? urghhh~ i ended up switchin off everything and went to backyard and plucked on kelapa muda. MUCH BETTER! our not-so-tall kelapa madu tree is ripening and i took the liberty to enjoy ayaq nyoq muda and chill with some advance beskut raya...dont ask me's my mom's thingy....sample ke apa aku tatau lah...but ada sebotoi ..hahahahah so kita taram with fresh coconut juice...ermmmmmmmmmmm so refreshing on this wicked HOT day!

even Joni was enjoying his fresh coconut juice in the bowl....sipping like there's no tomorrow ...haha i am such a kampung girl! confirm nget2 and cik pa cemuih aku bila baca neh! hahahahah korang ...bes tau ...minum ayaq kelapa muda fresh from the pulp neh ...ari ni aku rasa cam kat ateh survivor island pun ada ...da la ngan kaftan neh hahahaha duk kait kelapa tak hengat punya ...haha..lagi satu pokok is better...bulih amik ngan tangan ja...hahahahaha gilo best ah..nanti aku nak cucok stro besi direct into the kulit kelapa..hahahah

haighh... i have works to do but i dont feel like doing ..siyes lazy's been 4 days of lazinesss...nguhehehe....and my Mak is busy in the kitchen making acar buah kedah style yang ...aku pun tak reti nak describe lagu mana ..but she normally buys it in pekan rabu or have our menakan there to post whenever she wants learns to make it...and she's making it the moment of speaking....siap duk gebang list nak bagi orang tu orang ni ...and it's like one small kawah occay...haiyoo mom and her and my kebun kelapa work aku dah tersadai...kene paneh...penat woo~ hu hu...

esok dah jadi Cikgu balik...hoigh...can I not go? lately am very sensitive ...and easily offended by people's remarks. this is because, I am tired with the work and no one seems to be understanding. They juz keep hurting my feelings with their ayat2 bodo. ayat2 bengong...hello..enough that I'm tired I don't need your shits. If tak bersimpati....then shut up. I would rather have my peace of mind. alone and finishing all the works. ALL BY MYSELF.

it's not that am Emo, but if You can't help Others, move Aside...don't make people more serabut with your so called trying-to-tunjuk-concern. seriously...i do not need such hypocrisy. Especially when I can smell it MILES and MILES away!

Being Emo and Being Sensitive are both different. coz u need to look at Reasons. If the Reasons are ridiculous and Stupid ..then you can say it's worthlessly emotional and deserve a slap. However, if it's for the Right Reasons and justifiable, suck-it-in before I, yes ... I... Miss Sha, make your day, coz I Stop at Nothing, Except Allah's Rules.


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