Sunday, October 9, 2011

Life...Upon You

salam bloggie..

my days seem numbered...for's numbered to meet his Creator...for me..numbered seeing him early as 1215pm I have been alerted of his seizures and rushed to ICU. my sister had gone nieces were as fast as a concorde jet...and I...didnt know really what should I do. I drove off after class to Perdana. Dad told me not to go to Azalea's as he is now in ICU. how should I react? I went there in silence.

I saw him. saw my sister first. earlier at the ICU ward some chinese couples thought I was a doctor. yikes...ada rupa ke? yucks...and I told them " visiting too.." and with a worry smile ...i met up with my sister and he was (again) rushed to ct-scan room. all along I have been wondering how does he looks like in that commotion...(macam dalam movie tu ke...?) would i cry?

we waited outside of The Room eagerly wondering. at that point of time ..I really need to talk to someone, However I have no clue of whom. well i can't lie to you globbie...that "he" did come across my mind...I Miss the time when I can talk to him about anything. Now, I can never do the same. Now, I'm just Alone. (How pathetic, aren't I?)- yea, I know... *sigh*

As I was putting some senses into my head (of how LONELY I was) The Door was opened. they pushed him out. (damn...sebijik macam dalam House...) I glanced in jugak...just incase ...u know... the kinda Gregory-House might be in there...for 2 seconds maybe? huh..tade pon... what was I thinking? sheesh...too much TV...astaghfirullah...

we rode the elevator up to the ICU ward again...and accompanied him. I saw his face. red and unmoving. a way ..barely breathing. saw his vital machine...and everything is soo...House...I was cold.or Cold maybe.inside. for a fleeting moment...I pictured myself in that bed. and there I was ...Crying, inside. Will I grow Old and Alone? I do not think I want to anymore.

I wanna wake up in the morning in someone's arm.
I wanna be sick and have someone's hand stroking mine.
I wanna open my eyes and see My Love is adoring me, no matter what.
I wanna spend my entire life with The One.

problem is : How the HECK am i gonna find One?

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