Friday, October 28, 2011

boys or men?

salam globbie! hand..right hand is currently smeared with henna now. so red..i loike...

today he woke me up with his routine morning sms. huhu...sorryla're a boy to talk to u often will definitely upgrade u to a man..and i dun think i wanna be That Upgrader...tak pasal je la kan globbie...

i wondered why do i keep attracting the young ones!? haishhh...i must have woken up on the wrong sides of the almost my entire life! kann..?
hadoi..such a hazab day la when i hv the boy with me...and i cant get rid of him....huhu...he would be hurt if he knows i dont really wanna be there...but i am sure he doesnt wanna be there too...(then why was he there again?) yeah...dead meat. hahaha. if only he is a man instead of a boy...i might have considered.cewah..ayat poyo..

oh well globbie....i dont think he is the one anyways. after all my heart beat was normal when he was around. unlike ...some people :) kan globbie? That Person can literally rip my lungs apart whenever he is yupz....couldnt agree more. sigh....well now ..i haven't found the same beat anymore....i guess i need to venture even...further... hoh?

too bad...
the Moon is not the same ...nimor~

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