Friday, October 28, 2011

when Work and Ego Collide

hiya bloggie ..salam

this is the week where I think i juz wanna sleep it off..till next week. i have to learn to be patience ...and deal with those people who are really ...true..asses...he he ..

carut lagi ..haha takde makna nya kan ?
today one of my students was somewhat clingy to me. aku da bosan. i know am nice. and i know am good. but i dont have to tell the world la kan...and once i highlighted it will be an absolute curse to me....he was nice asking me this and that.....but he is just my son. nothing more than that.i have more works to do now than ever. MQA is killing...and tonite I juz dont feel like doing anything.

I juz wanna sleep.

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