Saturday, October 15, 2011

weekend oh la la

salam globbie ..

hoigh...finally! i got to lazy on a weekend...saturday to be exact. I had class till 3pm yesterday and dropped by at Pakar Perdana for a short visit. checked on my nieces...and had some desserts at The Warrior's Station, where coincidentally the game with Terengganu was held and I got stucked in the parking lot. Foods at TRW? hmm..boleh so ...didnt order the full meal course as I have already had lunch ...Chamim and I had ice creams instead. chit chatted a bit and there was this alphard-look-a-like parked next to mine ..DAG 10 vip the number...i thought he was just some frantic kelantanese supporter...there I was confidently approached him to move his car to the right as I might not be able to squeeze in later. ha ha to my freakin surprise..he walked in TRW and nonchalantly said to me.. " kalau tak lepas, I ada kat dalam ye.." LOL...nak gelak pun ada nak kentut pun ado hahaha ...but my face managed to control all and i juz said " thank you.." KAH KAH KAH...really ...

whoever he is....thank you for being A MAN ...a Gentleman...I'd say ....(no there's no flirting lines there....nice try...ha ha )

in the midst of the crazy kelantan game ...i managed to squeeze meself out of the hocus pocus...drove home ...(instead of McD) and straight home ...and spent my Saturday..loafing like tak hengat i still have KUIS coursework to key in the vault room way freakin early tomorrow morning before Hj Rahim kill me. hehehe I am literally the LAST PERSON key-ing in all those results. heee :) sorry Gen, my rebellious mode is Super-On. :)

now ...i guess i will burn the whatnots oil I finish tallying up all these marks...haigh....served me right. :)

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