Monday, October 31, 2011

Truth or Dare?

salam globbie!

huhu i kicked off a discipline Ops and Cik Izzati was the ONLY person who wanna team up. or was it because she has to? hahaha ....i think she wants to. and to my dismay I have plenty of offenders and i did something real bad today. I threat a student for being RUDE to me. I kicked his ass real bad.

Do you know who i really wanna kick the damned ass? am sure you know globbie....oh yeah..u pretty damn well knew ..who the heck i wanna give a kick...

what i have encountered for the past days...or precisely written here as "experienced" for the past few days...were mind boggling. one discovers truth in order to know More Truth. EXACTLY.

to me..friends are for KEEP. Forever. Till Death DO us part. it's hurtful to see One Goes.

also, it is better than living with One.

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