Friday, October 21, 2011

to do list

salam globbie..

here's my to do list for tomorrow onwards..*sigh*

1) utm coursework
2) MQA files!!!
3) EP proposal! *die die*
4) 5S!!!!! forever tak siap2...dang~
5) new communication module for lower secondary holiday break program *die - sapa nak execute nih seme orang sabbatical? aku lagi? dush!! *
6) THREE write ups! ONE independent research!! and one helluva time to complete as the datelines are Nov 10th!!! (all FOUR of 'em!)
7) IF i survive those, I must be TOUCHED by ANGELS so many of 'em! and I DESERVE a complete thai meal at Pattaya Village / Mud Crabs Rendezvous nearby the river hut / Mr Cook ( the least...)

8) die! die! die!

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