Tuesday, October 25, 2011

cepat la HOLIDAY!!

salam globbie!

haigh ...cant wait for the holiday weekend to turn up ... i need a SHORT vacation to thailand to makan2 and perabih pitih! haha suka lar~

and today ...of the many days again...my Prof keeps harassing me on getting married! and the Old Ustaz Mohammad is urging me to go for umrah ...under his tour agents....haigh...PENINGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG...apa la masalah korang ni ....sapa yg tak nak kawin? sapa tak nak pi mekah? abaq mai!

my morning was retarded.

and today I keep seeing people updating their facts and stories on thailand visit. HECK! jeles nye ..aku nak pi gakkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk cepat la sopek balik....let's go perabih pitih....
haha and no am not gonna put up the photos in the blog as of plethora of net users are doing it nowadays. aku nak nek bot..nak pi perabih pitih..nak pi jolimakan...and of tosh ..joli kain ! am in the mood of making lots of baju kurungs now. melaram kak nam ! ha ha

its almost 2 am ..and am awake. what the hell am i doing up so late? chatted to Gapi earlier. sweet as always. feeling sorry for him to be overshadowed by his brother. i sorta like knew what is it like being that.... but gapi loves his brother very much and vice versa. it's the fact that gapi has to stay under his limelight stuffed him... oh well gapi ...that's life ...no matter what ...Angah is still Angah ..who loves you to bits!

i wonder esok topic apa plak..PREGNANCY?!
sigh....mkn tak kenyang..tido lena..mandi basah lencun ......

apakah tanda nya?
ko bela hantu raya ke apa? kata kawan ku...*hazabbb*

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pexky said...

hahaha.. jom samao2 perabih pitih..
nak nek bot.. nak jenjalan.. makan2 yg cucuk2 lidi tuh.. nasi itik.. pueh atieee.. tungggu pikkkkk... tungguuuuuuuuuu..