Monday, July 27, 2009

adesso vado a nanna ho sonno

Assalamualaikum bloggie...

syukur ke hadrat Illahi.... everything went as planned... I can finally rest in peace now ...btw,to all fans ..friends ..and family of Yasmin Ahmad condolence from the depth of my heart. I knew many would be missing her creativity...her passion in art...and her dedication to work. May Arwah rests in peace. Al Fatihah.

the past few days ...we all have been thinking ...(not that we weren't reminded of before...but ya know ...) Life comes and goes a blink. Not one second late ..when it's There for you to Return. I wish and pray ...My Life will be worthliving for ....and Should I be Called upon ...I wish of no other than to die as a Muslim.

The excruciatingly hectic life I've had these few days ...have made me realize...there's other thing than this World. I guess I have made the right choice forget who is not mine.

the Question is... Have I?