Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Summer and Fall

Assalamualaikum bloggie...

with global warming around ...our season in the southeast asia is badly afftected too. residing in a coastal area ..has somewhat given me unpredictable weather ... almost ...daily... and... same goes with Life too... it's unpredictable ...as ...ever... :)

how queer .... wofsha woke up one morning and found ...the whole clan of my friends back in college and wayy back ..in facebook. it really does ...unite people. I am so happy to know most of them make it. and everybody is chillin' juz like before ....

adly is the same ..cute and chirpy as ever ... i remember how he lovesss drama.and in his farewell card to me ( I forgot where I kept it ...should be in one of those boxes...) he wrote something like ..If i ever stage a play (that was my dream back then actually) he wanted me to be sure of inviting him in my list of honored guests ... so sweet... his words were soothing and inspiring ... once upon a time. :) now... Do I still wanna write a play? - :) I almost forgot I once Love It very much. I enjoyed reading and revising scripts ...with DD, fairuz, anis, lan garfield...to name a few ... I miss it so much upon thinking of them. *sigh* we rawk back then guyz .... :)

It's really bizarre (sokna's favorite word) having the chance to glance in a different direction. It transient the path I've taken before and the Strength I gather now. People and Friends are two different entities ( to me, at least.) People are random life. Friends are special Life. People use their ability to camouflage feelings and attitude ...coz they are never your Friends...nor Life. They can say or speak of what they want ..not from the heart but only from a compulsive mind that couldn't be bothered of the impact. People too, talk of ambiguity and charades. at times ...they're frikkin' good at it too. They're just extremely good in silhouetting what's not theirs. Nevertheless... the presence of Friends lessen the pang of it. Friends, though far ..their prayers Once .... keep one company ..for her entire Life.

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