Friday, July 24, 2009

Construction of Belief

Assalamualaikum bloggie.....'s heaty today ..i should have done the laundry and conquer the whole lines haha...last night was raining heavily plus thunder and lightning. I didn't get the chance to mingle at all I need to be up uber-early today head for my seminar. It's pain in the neck already ...yet ...I'm fighting every single laziness as I could.

mu'adz and the gang left for Johor Humanitarian Mission last night. Those people do not know the meaning of tiresome. They work ...endlessly. If they can ..why can't I? exacta mucho.

i'm practically car-less as of tomorrow ..coz I forgot to renew my roadtax. he he padan muka wofsha bloggie...gotta wait till Sunday for Abg Din to renew it. hoh.....luckily am only driving in the local area tomorrow. jangan la JPJ wat gatai nak pi roadblock dekat Polo Field tu ...masak den....hihihi... ops ****** jatuh plak ....

I came to reconciliation with Mr Irwan yesterday. He apologized (work-related issue). So did I. isn't that sweet ? KC will be laughing in joy if she knew I'm now back on track with her beloved Mr Irwan. what..ever.

I spoke my mind off in the meeting yesterday. I defied the comments and lazy remarks from senior staff ( way senior than me) I just told them straight up "am tired being nice" and it's about time we do it aggressively and be it if I have to put my neck on it! - there goes my crazy mouth. I just add 1 more intangible responsibility ..that shouldn't even be mine to begin with. what have I put myself into? I can almost see myself saying back to me in distort face "so called..committment...dawwhh sha..." and I smiled and made mutated face back to meself " well....dowhh...sakka....Allah Loves Working People!period."

there you go like-it-or-not muse of the day. I have reports to write and Life to Cherish................ to share? who do you think I'm bloggie? Sarah Palin? *lol*
I am my own Island and won't buy half-cup anymore! :)

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pexky said...

roadtax je ke renew..
passport okai lg kan?
dun forget our vacation..huhu~