Saturday, July 11, 2009

Personality Test

Assalamualaikum bloggie ...

hee...last night I took the liberty of piggybacking coz I can't sleep due to overloaded work at hands. The connection was left open since ..ever ...and lappy detected it bored to death... so thank you :) I read a few online news in my comfortable ocean of pillows, and stumbled upon ...Dr Fisher's Personality Test. There it went. hu hu

It hits...partially - oh okai...three-quarter-of-it ( thank God... ) it's nice to know that my life is not much "skidded" from the track of so-called "normal" people's life. I thought I am weird ... (yeah....hush hush) *lol*

I'm full and sleepy la pulak bloggie. Statistics lom siap lagi can do it baby!


kcynodia said...

statistik untuk apa tu Sha?

Sha and Forward said...

statistik perkembangan kes H1N1 di Malaysia. :(