Thursday, September 18, 2008

Friends...Near of Far...

Assalamualaikum bloggie...
M for Merah! hehehe My favorite color. Redz Rule!
I am still waiting for last call of papers to be submitted. I think I wanna go off by 530pm. 15 minutes more. Not many turn up the paper today. As usual these people love to piss me off. Hours of explanation on being punctual when sending in their works have always been ignored. They think I am nice. They wish! Some of them haven't seen the darker side of me. I really cannot tolerate late - offenders. Come Sunday when I am not giving any marks for their test 1 then they kalut. Always taking advantage of my kindness and flexibility in their schedule. These are the generation of tomorrow. How? seii lorr....

I need to stop by the fruit stall afterward, to get some banana for my pie. yummy..Last night after Iftar, I head to town to get some ice cream. Then I thought of Pa'ah, how she loves McFlurry very much. There I was queing up in Mc D for Mc Flurryyyyyyyyyy Berrieeeezzz..

That red berries just ........errrrrmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm cedappppnya, it was sooo oober-freezing goodylicious!..I thought it was snowing outside..hihihihihi ..they could have been very generous if they put a litttttle bit more berries....heee :-)

To Pa'ah, if you are reading this, be strong ....get Mc Flurry, sit have come out strong and inshaAllah you can do it again this time. least McFlurry never fails us :-) I LOVE YOU SAHABAT.

To Nor, you too girl! Be Strong in dealings with orang-orang yang tak pernah reti bahasa malaysia ni ..jhehehehehe...sengalians...that's what I always call these types. If you think of them, you will become them. THEREFORE, stop thinking about them. Think about your future..ROCK that KPSL bebeh! U-CAN-DO-IT!!

Sahabat-sahabat ku semua sedang di Uji, including me. This is a challenging month for us indeed. I am still unclear of what to do, all I know it is really tearing me apart and I was not myself for few days. Honestly I don't know what to do and it makes me realize my life is in the Hands of Allah SWT, not my mom, not my dad, not my so called sisters, not my's ultimately in HIS. My Creator, My God Almighty - teaching me the meaning of submission to Him and enduring His Care and Challenges...I can only Pray He'd Protect me from any wrongdoings.


kawaii_desu said...

AC... thanks for your kind thoughts.. am trying my best.. my friend... she's gone... May Allah bless her... Seng my regards to ur lovely parents eih..

and.. how come hang beli 2 mcflurry??? sapa punya satu lagi tu??? looks so enticing huhu

Sha and Forward said...

tu gambaq lam website mc d laa..jangan isau ..if aku beli 2 pun memang aku akan menteke sowang....tade berdua nya....lambat lagi ...hahahaha

pexky said...

vocab baru nih..bleh digunapakai,,

x dpt mc flurry..dpt choco top pun jadik lerr..huhu..
tetiba nk mkn eeskrim..
bile la nak g amik peti-es ni..