Thursday, September 4, 2008

Blink Blink

Assalamualaikum ..bloggie..

I just came out from the Academic meeting. I stopped by Students Affair to check out on Semut. She's busy as the mother-bee (hehehe) The Medina group has left for Jeram Mengaji I supposed. SA is always full of men and my Semut. Thing is, Semut is female and going there to say hello or hu-ha with her is a must yet What is slightly 'uncomfortie-bel' is the other three quarter yakni alien, M. Alus and Bapak SA heee :) I used to love hanging around SA to chit chat and hu-ha-eing with Semut. I guess those days are gone ( or probably they got sick and tired over us, hence the replacement of a tougher Bapak mum Semut and I )

Thing with Semut, she'll never be silent regardless who is around (hahaha too bad....) So I stop there once in a while to gegar the room and I'd leave. hohoho...annoying? oh well ..Reality bites...

I hopped the stairs back up and voila! to my surprise, my bicmate's daughter, the ever-so-talkative Wanie is there. Screaming "Happy Birthday Auntie Sha!!" on top of her lungs, I had to pretend I didn't know her surprise (bic, if you're reading this ..sorry haa....hehehehehe) What a tough thing to do. There I was, "eh!! aawwww...thank you girl......." as usual me and my dunno-what-to-do moment. hahahahaha. Above all, it is really cute.. and there's another surprise, a silver box on my desk. I thought it was Wanie's, however it wasn't. I didn't know who was it from. remained anonymous..

Gleaming inside, is a crystal colored, brownish... ( ah ..if only I have a camera to snap on..) later la ..I show u haa.... the pokoknya is I LOVE IT.

Dunno who is it from. BUT if you happen to read this entry, thank you very much. I like it a lot. So sweet of you.....if only I could give you a hug.....big huggggg........

Thank you ....thank you all for your kind thoughts...I cherish it ..May Allah bless ya'll with many more wonderful moments to come...Amin..

Says who I can't celebrate life? See... Allah is The Greatest of All.....Absolutely!