Saturday, September 13, 2008

Reality Check

Assalamualaikum bloggie,

I was in the office half of the day, thinking and trying to look at those papers on my table. Checked them. I wanted to do some readings and material seeking. yet I'm numb.
Then came in an sms ..(out of the blue).. saying, " Allah only test those that He loves.. :-) "

The first thing that strucked my mind was "Astaghfirullahala'zim..aku salah sent lagi ke?" then again, I didn't send any sms today except to Nor apologizing to her coz I didn't pick up her call last night. Eventually, I was right. I did not send any wrong messages..again. I decided to answer "mcm tau2 aje..ada sixth sense ka.." that was me ..STILL trying to be jovial in this turmoil..then I received another answer "kdg2 bila ht tu dh dkt, dia blh rasa :-) tmbh ht mu'min" adeh...right on da dot. inside i was ngomel-ling "tau laa....hang sapaaa....." (in a good thought..)

That sms is right. Hati mu'min ..apatahlagi kan? I was left with tears reading that. So many things popped, I just can't hold it. for a second, I felt my privacy was invaded ( i don't get that "scanning" thing used-to yet ...) It feels awkward when you are in your own world and suddenly knock knock, anybody home? I wasn't expecting anyone.. (heee...didnt mean to be rude, really..)

Back to Allah only tests those whom He Loves...Yes ..i agree. it's just that right now I'm trying to absorb into my head....consoling my heart...not to take it too seriously till it affects my work and concentration...I'm in a process....InshaAllah with Allah's Will, He'll help and show me through...Amin...

to the sms-sender, thank you for's kinda nice having your doorbell rang when you are not expecting. though I dislike surprises..I think I can exclude this one. Jazakalllah...

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