Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Pre-Eid Celebration

Assalamualaikum bloggie..

I'm stuck with MKK and PA letters. I have been very lazy to come to work this week. Today, I'm expecting submission of papers and no more classes for this week until October 5th. Wah...quite a holiday for them. Midsemester break. Suddenly I was thinking of Cancun. World famous spot for Spring break for most students in Mars. Cancun chixs....yikes....not even close to moi...well I guess it's culture...of someone else...

As for mine, Eid is waving in...most people are in the mood of celebration. ME? I'm looking forward to catching up on sleep and my linguistic research. whoaaaa.....didn't sound like a celebration month at all ..did it ? that's my Life.....

I was walking to multimedia studio earlier on and guess who I bumped into? ALIEN! yes ..alien ..the ever-so-annoying-alien is back. Somebody should say something about his aint gonna be me though. Coz I've tried and to no avail. I came up to my cocoon and still..pissed... hmmpphhhh..(coz he made annoying remark at me, AGAIN)

again and again I wonder, why is he here? he's messing up my socializing at work.
and when will I stop complaining about him ? :-I


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shikin said...

eheheehe...just pray 4 him k...berkat ramadhan...ahakss..