Saturday, September 6, 2008


I love Red. It's Romantic, Lovely, Gorgeous, Cute, Daring, Brave and Attractive. I got into a minor "altercation" with Amir Alien over the ym chat just now. It's always argument between the 2 of us. If you're wondering who Amir is ..he's a volunteer staff at SA, currently on his break from his studies from AL AZHAR ( saja bagi credit ..since he's so obnoxiously proud of it.. :p)
This Amir guy is soooo grotesque in most conversation I have had with him. Some times it irritates me a lot having to go through conversation with him. Most of his words and the way he answers is mentally annoying ( he better not read this ..else it'll be another topic for us to argue on hahaha)

The worst part is ..HE DOESN'T EVEN KNOW (some) of his ways are ANNOYING! I tried telling him, yet he took it wrongly. He flaunted it even more. So how? I asked him which campus of Azhar he's at, and he answered " if I tell you, would you know where the place is? Have you been there? " Urghh...Mind YOU ..I happen to have International Passport (since I was 6!) which has multiple stamps of countries! are we comparing passports now? urgh....MB...The ONLY stamps I would definitely LOOK UP to is IF you have the stamp to HEAVEN! Syurga ALLAH. hanya ITU yang akan buat this gorjes Cik Sha LOOK UP to u. a human and be nice to others. What is wrong with people these days ....who told you to IM me in the first place...I was being nice..( why would I be kind enough to accept his request ...Semuttttttttttttttttt)

Being nice to others suppose to be innate ability. One doesn't have to brag to live. One should know how to mingle with others without making other people feeling bad. That is not good. Even Islam Prohibits it. Susah lohh ..if too pandai det la become...( dah jadi entry about Alien la plak ni heheheheheh) Why did I call him such? coz he's weird the first time I met him and he kinda freaked me. hehe.

Anyhow Alien, all the best to you in your studies and wish u well in becoming an excellent akhi or da'ie or what ever la they call it in your 'world'...

I'm heading to Hypermart for my second mission. Tuna pastry! and probably eyeing for spaghetti, just incase I got bored with rice over Iftar and Sahur.