Sunday, September 14, 2008


Assalamualaikum bloggie...

I have been feeling sick since morning. I should have that pasta with mint ..instead of egg hamlet for sahur. My mind is congested with so many thoughts. I can't handle it. I almost threw up after supervising 2 project papers this morning. I came to a dead end where I can't even explain what I need and the students ended up confused. "nice".

I asked Mr Fadhli's favor to combine his lecture with mine. Luckily he's there. what would I do without him? Keep on lecturing till vomit loh ...what else...(isnt it..? after all...tak sengaja puasa no batal one hor....) Thank u Mr Fadhli for your kindness..I appreciate it.mucho.

I miss talking to Nor. If you are reading this, I'm sorry I didn't get the chance to talk yet. I'm plunging deep and I don't know where to start my story to you. Headache and annoyance at the same time are making me even miserable. I cried and cried to Him, asking for His Mercy in making me understand and embrace what is going on. To accept it's already there and to work even harder to achieve better results. Try Sha..remember... DO NOT give up ..You did that once..(or twice...) would you wanna be in the same spot again? Think! ..wake UP!! It's all in His Will and Grace. Ask, Seek, Forward..

I can't even focus on my cooking. To make the pasta sauce ..took me forever in the kitchen. I was disorganized. How could that happen? Red sauce was too easy and I can't even remember the ingredients. (what was I thinking ?.....OMG...) When I lost focus in cooking ..that shows my problem is wayyy over the limit and I'm suffocating. Hyperventilating won't do good or justice to me. But that's how I currently am - hyperventilated = not good.

:-( hence all these nauseous feelings ....


pexky said...

i know's ok..
never give up k..

ryuu said...

hi......... hebat betul blog cik sha. so cute. huhu. hopefully, you are happy always along ramadhan ni.em, blh saya nak minta email cik sha?