Sunday, September 28, 2008

Human Connection

Assalamualaikum bloggie ..
As I was sitting at my desk last week, thinking of my future...and what's gonna happen this eid, I took up new interest - PHOTOGRAPHY. On the 25th Ramadhan, after sahur, I took off to Sabak Beach and laid my high density saturated fat body on the rocks and started snapping. Just the nature and I at dusk. I got very excited as the picture came out ..better than the first. I uploaded to fotopages and to my surprise, there were 5 comments waiting for me this morning. I was flabbergasted and oober-excited. Little did I realize that's how the feeling when you did something that is unintentionally planned. Maybe, this could..(COULD) be a new's quite expensive though to come up with the gadgets, but's avidly tempting :-)

Too bad, I have no one to share this good thought with.. *sigh..* haha ...

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mcT said...

lawanya..teringat pulok zaman kecik2 kat penarik dulu. tp dulu2 xde camera nak snap gambar. mandi kat pantai lepas subuh...gitu laa suasana nya mek sha. lawa sungguh!!